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Shelby Street Bridge

Project Type

Urban Park Destination



The Shelby Street Bridge is a historic structure that was originally built in 1909 as a vehicular bridge. In 2003, it was converted to a pedestrian bridge.

The design process included a design charrette. My design contribution led to the form generation that recognized the triangular qualities of the structure. This design vocabulary was then incorporated into the ground plane at key structural moments along the bridge. Other contributions to this project included design of the overlooks. A memorable task was being the bridge (pun intended) between the steel fabricator and the public artist. My efforts enabled the raster based artwork to be translated and communicated to the water jet fabricators.

This project showcases the beautifully preserved bridge and its innovative design, making it a must-see landmark for both locals and visitors.

Work was done while employed at Hawkins Partners, Inc.

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