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Cultural Landscapes: Grant Funding Boosts Creation of Bailey Drive Gateway at Walnut Creek Wetland Park

Updated: Apr 21

In my role as Project Manager for City of Raleigh Parks I will be helping deliver the long awaited improvements for the Rochester Heights Neighborhood in SE Raleigh. This project is in partnership with the Conservation Fund, NC Water Resources Research Institute, Partners for Environmental Justice, and Design Workshop.

What is being done?

Connecting Southeast Raleigh to nature and history.

The Bailey Drive Gateway at Walnut Creek Wetland Park is creating a new southern entrance to the Walnut Creek Wetland Park. This project will bring more nature access to residents of Southeast Raleigh by providing:

  • A welcoming gateway: This includes new paths for pedestrians and cyclists, making it easier to get to the park and Walnut Creek Trail.

  • Learning opportunities: The gateway will offer educational programs about the environment, perfect for all ages.

  • A place to gather: There will be open space for relaxation and community events, encouraging people of all generations to connect.

  • Honoring the past: The design will incorporate cultural and historical elements that reflect the stories of the Rochester Heights and Biltmore Hills neighborhoods.

Where is the project?

Bailey Drive Gateway is a 10-acre wooded site in a low-lying area of the Rochester Heights neighborhood in Southeast Raleigh. It is the southernmost portion of the Walnut Creek Wetland Park.

Images and plans by Design Workshop, Raleigh.

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